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Rambling download

Just wanted to let everyone know that this weekend I will be putting a ‘fitness for ramblers’ download on the website. This may seem a bit random for an essentially tennis website, but so many of my fellow tennis players go rambling as well that I thought it may be of some use to them.

If you know any ramblers then please free free to tell them about the download…it may help them ‘keep rambling forever’!

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Racket technology vs injury

I have just read an article published by a physio who works with the LTA regarding racket technology verses the increase in injuries.

He talks about how modern technology has made positive changed to the game but there is increasing evidence that the new rackets may be responsible for an increase in injuries..

It seems that because the new rackets are lighter and more streamlined, they can be twisted and turned more easily to create more spin on the ball.

When the physios analysed the recent injuries seen, the most common injuries  were still the thigh injuries due to the stresses that go through them when serving, landing and  changing direction during the game. However, wrist injuries were definitely more prevalent than before due to the attempts to create more spin on the ball.

So, what can we take from this…I would say it highlights the importance in keeping your thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings in  particular), strong enough to cope with the physical impact of the game, and to ensure that the racket you play with is the best suited for your type of play to help prevent injury. I always recommend talking through your racket needs with your coach and tennis shop expert, it may make the difference between acquiring an injury or staying injury free.



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