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Getting fit keeps you healthy and makes you feel good

The Nuffield Health prospects survey  has shown that 55% of over 55s who were looking to join a gym this year where doing so with the intention of improving their current fitness for health reasons.

It is good to know that the message is getting through and as active sports players already it is not news to you. However, it is always  good to reassess what you’re doing and look at whether you can improve your fitness with a few strengthening exercises, remembering that as we age we lose muscle mass if we don’t do some strengthening exercises. Stronger muscles will protect your joints from arthritic changes and so you will be able move faster, play for longer and stay healthier…all of which will keep you feeling good!

If you want a few ideas on suitable exercises for tennis,  then my book Play Tennis Forever will help you. Some simple changes in your daily activities can make a huge change to your fitness and health.

I read once, ‘the less you do today, the less you will be able to do in the future’. So true.

Lets get exercising for the feel good factor!



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