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Do you keep forgetting the score?

I have been researching a little about memory as we age as many fellow players have said they find it increasingly difficult to remember the score when playing tennis.

It has been really interesting and begins to explain a lot! Did you know that the brain starts to shrink from the age of 30?

It is perfectly normal to forget things, after all, we are not computers! However, as we age, particularly between 30 to mid 60s, there is a gradual decline in the blood flow and oxygen getting to our brains. The memory areas start to shrink.

Its not all bad news as during our 50s we are best at general knowledge and vocabulary recall. good for pub quizzes!

In our 60s we may find it harder to restart/remember words if interupted so need to try to focus more on the task to prevent this.

So what can we do…its seems we’re back to the benefits of exercise as this will help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Practise your focus with crosswords or puzzles will also help.

Good luck and try to focus on that scoring.

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