Warming up in the cold

As the weather gets colder I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of warming up properly before you play, especially when the temperature drops.

As we get older, the circulation to our hands and feet becomes less efficient. Also, our muscles, tendons and ligaments can get less flexible and so, to help prevent injury, we need to warm up before playing by increasing the blood flow to them. You can do this, at a minimum, by gently jogging or running on the spot for 5-10 minutes. Once warmed up, ideally you will keep warm by wearing suitable gear that keeps your core body temperature warm. If not, and your core cools, your body will automatically divert blood from your extremities to you core…not ideal when you’re trying to run and hold a racket.

For more information I would recommend you read my information sheet on “Prevent injury in cold weather‘ on the website under Books and Free Downloads.

Stay warm and enjoy your winter tennis.

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