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Training advice

I was reading an article recently about a physio who worked at the  London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. She had some interesting points about training and fitness that I thought might be interesting to tell you about.

Firstly , in her experience, when it comes to in jury prevention and rehabilitation, there is very little difference in what she tells the recreational and professional athletes. The key for all is to set realistic targets within a realistic time frame. For those who are new to a sport or physical activity, a common mistake is to try to do too much too soon. She says, ‘Balance you training -for example, if you are a runner it’s important to balance strength and flexibility’.

I would say that whatever sport you do, at whatever level, balanced training is very important and if you are about to take on a new physical challenge, however small, it is worth taking the time to plan how you are going to prepare yourself physically. Look after your body and it will look after you!


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