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Physical activity benefits adults, why, what and how.

The UK Medical Officer has published guidelines to illustrate the importance of staying active and how it can improve health and well-being. I though it worth summarising here to encourage you to continue with exercise/activity during the cold winter months when you may not be feeling like being as active as you are during the summer months.

The published figure state that ”with 75 minutes of vigorous intensity, or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (or a combination of both) cab reduce the chance of developing:

Type 2 diabetes by 40%

cardiovascular disease by 35%

Falls, depression and dementia by 30%

Joint and back pain by 25%

cancers (colon and breast) by 20%

If you can’t manage 75-150 minutes, something is better than nothing. Start small and build up gradually as just 10 minutes at a time provides benefit”.

If you are after a few easy exercises, then have a look at the exercise sheets on the books and  free downloads page on the website. They are designed for tennis and golf players but are equally good as general fitness exercises. Enjoy!


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