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Exercise can slow the ageing process!

In previous blogs I have talked about ‘teleomeres’. These are a protective cap at each end of each chromosome.

Throughout our lives, our telomeres shorten, covering a smaller amount of the chromosome causing our cells to age and weaken.

Many scientists  believe some people are born with naturally longer telomeres, and that they may be destined to live longer as a result, basically because their cells do not weaken and age as quickly.

A study, published in  Science Advances, was carried out by a number of institutions in Belgium, found

increased levels of an enzyme that causes telomeres to lengthen following 45 minutes of cycling.

This means that chromosomes – and the DNA inside them – would be better protected and therefore defends them from weakening over time.

Even though it was a small study, it certainly excites me to know that intense aerobic exercise could slow down the ageing process, as the new study claims.

Need an excuse to go to the gym…this is a good one!


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