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Keeping fit in middle age will help keep you healthy in your senior years

It seems fairly obvious that if you are fit it will help to keep you healthy and I am the first to say it is never too late to start. However, a study reported in the journal Stroke has reported that ‘the fittest 40% in middle age were 37% less likey than the least fit to suffer a stroke in old age’.

It is thought that the increase in blood flow to the brain helps to stave off the natural decay in brain tissue.

Many people don’t exercise and the NHS recommends¬†that adults spend five days a week doing moderate exercise, such as cycling or brisk walking.

Most people reading this are already interested in health and fitness but I always try to encourage the less active to try simple exercise or just increase activity levels. If you know anyone that needs a bit of encouragement, walking the golf course with you or trying out tennis at their local club on a free try day could just do the trick.

I am a firm believer that if people understand why exercise makes a difference then they are more likely to do it so please spread the word and get your friends active, including the young ones! The less they do now, the less they will be able to do later…makes sense.



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