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Paddy Jones didn’t win BGT but didn’t she perform well…not sure I am that flexible but what a great advert for staying younger than your years! I am sure many of you have been watching the tennis and with more coming up over the next few weeks, what a great time to be inspired to do some exercise…even while you’re watching the tennis on the TV…entertainment and fitness all in one go…excellent! And talking of exercise…I have been finding out about ‘Fitbits’ that are devices that track your activity during the day. Sounds a bit ‘Big Brother-ish’  but it is a really clever gadget. You wear it all day and then download the information. It can tell you all about your activity levels, calories burnt etc. For those who like technology and/or gadgets it’s a great bit of kit. To find out more just google ‘Fitbits’. It may inspire you to get even fitter than you are!!?? So, please take advantage of the good weather and get out there and keep fit, play tennis and enjoy yourselves! :0)

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