Footwear for tennis

Do you carry on playing tennis outside when it is raining? None of us like to stop mid set when it starts raining but it seems to have happened quite a lot this summer. The chance of slipping obviously becomes much greater when the courts get wetter.

During one of these rain breaks I took a look at my fellow tennis players’ trainers…very interesting. Some were wearing new shoes bought for the season which had already worn down on the sole, others still using ones from the previous years. None of them had what I would think was enough grip left.

It is well worth keeping an eye on the wear and tear of the soles of your tennis shoes as it gives you a picture of where you are taking most of your weight through your feet. For example, if the wear is predominately on the inside boarder of the sole, you may be over-pronating your foot (rolling it inwards). By putting in a good supportive insole you can help correct the uneven loading of your feet which should even out the wear and tear. Hopefully this will make your trainers/tennis shoes last longer and have better grip.

You will still have to replace your shoes when needed but the insoles are transferable to new trainers and should last for years.

So being sole aware will make your shoes last longer, have better grip on the court and hopefully save you some money in the long run…worth a look!


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