multicoloured strapping tape

Have you seen the new type of strapping that some of the tennis players and athletes wear nowadays? It is called kineseology tape and differs from other types of strapping by the fact that it is stretchy.

Many people have asked me about his type of strapping and what I think of it. Well, officially the jury is still out on how effective it is in some of it’s claims for enhancing recovery….more research needs to be done. However, I have personally used the tape, as have many of my physio colleagues, and found it has worked well with a lot of  players.

I spent this last weekend on a course specifically about this new type of strapping and found it very interesting. I will certainly continue to use it and will be getting feedback to find out what fellow players think about it.  I would recommend that if you wanted to try it for an injury, please get an appropriately trained healthcare professional  to apply it and then to teach you how to do it to yourself for that particular injury. Understandably, if you use the wrong tape or apply it incorrectly then you won’t get the benefit it can give you. A little time spent doing it properly is well worth it if it helps to get you back to fitness quicker and helps with the rehabilitation needed to prevent re-injury. Good luck!


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