Study shows exercise keeps dementia at bay.

Some of you may seen this report in the papers this week, but for those who haven@t I thought it worth posting on my blog. the report states:

‘Just 45 minutes of intensive exercise a day is the key to keeping dementia at bay, a new study shows.

Running, walking, yoga and tai chi have all been shown to “significantly” boost brain power in the over 50s. But experts say almost any exercise leaving you breathless helps with the benefits evident irrespective of the current state of someone’s brain health.

Research by a team of respected Australian scientists confirm what is good for the heart is also good for the brain. 

The team behind the remarkable findings said evidence was strong enough to recommend prescribing certain exercises to improve cognitive function.

Professor Joseph Northey, of the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise, said: “The findings suggest an exercise programme with components of both aerobic and resistance-type training, of at least moderate intensity and at least 45 minutes per session, on as many days of the week as possible, is beneficial to cognitive function in adults aged over 50.”

Yet again science tells us of the importance of not only general exercise but the mixture of exercise. So try to incorporate  aerobic  and strengthen exercises too into your exercise plan. The two together have huge health benefits. Have fun and stay healthy.

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